As a space sciences content creator, you can find my latest videos on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok right there. Looking for a collaboration? This is where you can find the information you are looking for.

Optimizing Content Strategies

for Diverse Social Media Platforms


On this network, I share fun science facts in reel formats and my path as a science communicator and entrepreneur. I choose to have a hybrid approach in terms of languages and propose content both in English and French. I also share in stories some of my daily life.


In this social media, I do purely science communication in French. New formats are under development to better meet the platform’s requirements.


On Youtube, I position myself as a French space youtuber sharing shorts, medium and documentary formats related to space. I also post videos in VLOG formats to share fun moments in my science communication life such as the design and manufacturing of my new space suit!

Discover content production and

collaboration on Galactic Studios

Be it for conferences’ coverage, to put forward a technology or a long-term partnership with a company, institution or organizations, I am open to collaborations that fit my message and values. How does it work? My commercial collaborations go through my company Galactic Studios.

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